I had the opportunity to make my way through the public archive material of the Beeld&Geluid institute. I collected videos that inspired or triggered me. The proces was a new way of working in which I asked myself how these videos resonated to my current state of being.
It was amazing to discover this new way of working and helped me to understand the way my mind composes images. At a certain point I came across the video of the C.A. Banck, a ship that stranded on the beach. The ship was stuck on the beach for 150 days. The ship had to wait for a good tide of the sea level to continue its journey.
I found it stunning that the ship changed from a transportation vessel into a landmark for the time being. There didn't seem to be any hurry to get it back in to the sea. They only had to wait, for the tide. To me it symbolises a contrast to the constant need for progress in modern day society.
The screen print depicts the ease of the character when it is forced to rest on the beach for a while.
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