For ILFU (International Literature Festival Utrecht) I made a series of 16 illustrated works. The illustrations accompany essays from the Songbook series. These essays analyse the deeper meaning of a brand variety of songs, chosen by the writers. It provides a different point of view to songs you might know or never heard of (but which you will love after reading the essays).
This series was very dear to me. Working on a longer project, including multiple illustrations, gave me insight on how I approach written text and music as an inspiration. Throughout the project I encountered some obstacles. A song that isn't quite my thing or having a different opinion compared to the writers point of view. 
The works ended up very diverse. Different materials and working methods created a wide variety of sketches and images. Because of the colouring, picked at the very beginning, the series gained some consistency.
Check out all of the essays and illustrations on the ILFU website
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