October 7th 2023 I was a part of the museumnacht at the Beeld&Geluid institute in The Hague. During this night I did a screen print session where visitors could bring their own clothes for a unique print, created for the museum night.
I was asked to dive into the video archives of the B&G institute for footage that I found inspiring in any way possible. I came across a lot of 70's news broadcasts about future technologies which are seemingly funny placed in todays modern context. 
Some of the footage displayed some masks and the making of handpainted mannequin puppets. There a story came to mind. In relation to todays mental issues, how to deal with emotions, I wanted to make a parodic image of a mask that would make you smile again.
The screen print had to depict a stylised retro commercial poster, as did the animation accompanying it, to bring it back to its 70's broadcast roots.  
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