Last January, The Hague Highlights took place, a video projection event in The Hague. One of the projects was "Attempt the Absurd", a video projection on the great facade of the Escher Museum. Along with 14 other artists, with different multimedia backgrounds, I made an animation short about the lifecycle of an immortal jellyfish. The story, based on the concept of Eschers' infinite drawings, envisioned a colourful and lively absurd underwater world. A world where humans are nog able to live, only to dream about. Endlessly far away, yet right beneath our very feet.
For the project I picked up my knowledge of 2D animation. Working with looping animations I tried to create a constantly shifting world. Inspired by theater decors I used the facade of the building as my podium, sliding elements in and out, up and down. Creating this absurd reality of not knowing what's to come.
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